If you are an ambitious Pro-Am dancer, serious competitor, if you  want to build your confidence & self-esteem then....

...you are in the right place.

All dancers start with learning steps and choreography. You spend your first years working on dance technique but at some point you realise that there is more to dancing then physicality. The further you go the more you understand that dancing is not only about mastering technique and your body but also about mastering your mind and your emotions.

 Developing mental strenght, confidence & self esteem might be actually the most challenging part of being a dancer. Those aspects are hardly ever part of dance training or dance education. Most dancers are unfortunately left alone to figure it out by themselfs....but that can take a lot of time...which as dancers we don’t have. 

On other hand process of discovering that inner strenght, confidence and self esteem might be the most beautiful and rewarding expierience for the dancer. 

On this website I will share with you my own methods of building confidence & self-esteem. Looking back at my own dance journey as a proffesional dancer I can clearly see how confidence & self-esteem were the main factor in archiving my bigest dance dreams & goals. 

Most importantly I will share with you how I currently help other dancers around the world to build their own confidence & self esteem. Going through my 10-weeks online training you will learn how to unlock your full dance potential, and master advanced techniques helping you to archive your dance dreams and goals. 

Most dancers fail to understand that their limiting thoughts and negative emotions are what is really stopping them from progress and success they want. If you don't improve your Mindset:

  • you will experience stress and tension before or during competitions, auditions, and performances
  • you will have no confidence
  • you will have a low self-esteem
  • you will compare yourself to other dancers
  • you will be very critical to yourself and your dancing, feeling that you are not good enough
  • you won't be happy with your technique or your improvement
  • you will doubt yourself, your talent and even consider quitting your dancing
  • you will limit your creativity and spontaneity as a dancer and performer
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